How Your Business Can Benefit from a Storage Unit

Published on 1/31/2018

Organizing a business is vital when it comes to long-term success.  Studies have proven that employees' morale can be directly tied to the workplace's structure, organization, and facility.  Providing a workplace that displays professionalism and efficiency and complies with health and safety codes can be a challenge but can be accomplished with the help of a storage unit.  Self-storage facilities can be beneficial in a variety of ways.  Here are just a few reasons why your business is a storage unit away from increasing productivity and employee morale. 

1. Short Term Storage

Is that old massive printer taking up valuable space in your office?  Do you have unused cubicle walls laying around waiting to fall on someone's foot?  Clutter can take up meaningful space and be hazardous to bystanders and employees.  By removing the clutter and renting a storage unit, businesses can free up office space, allowing the flow of traffic in the office to improve.  Furthermore, a well-kept office space can reduce the need for worker compensation claims and save the company money.  Storage units are affordable and come in a variety of sizes.  When choosing a storage unit, it is vital to know what size and what type of storage you will need.  If you have printers and cubicle walls to store that are generally larger items, you might want a 10x10 unit.

2. Document Storage

Is there anything appealing to an employee about a stack of filing cabinets aligning the walls of an office space?  Moreover, a company keeping all sensitive documents out in the open for others to see is dangerous and could lead to trouble.  That's where storage units come in handy.  Self-storage facilities can give your company peace of mind by providing a clean and secure area for storing those documents.  Most storage facilities have units that are affordable to rent on a month-to-month basis. 

3. Inventory Storage

For restaurant owners and operators, inventory plays a crucial part in running a successful restaurant.  Between janitorial supplies, seasonal decorations, non-perishable food items, and excess inventory, a restaurant can fill up quickly.  Self-storage units deliver a best of both worlds scenario.  If you're wishing to store perishable items, climate controlled storage options are available.  By using a storage unit, restaurant owners can free up space and keep their patrons happy, as well as their employees. 

Self-storage facilities can be advantageous for all businesses, big or small.  By offering short-term storage, document storage, and inventory storage for companies and restaurants, storage facilities provide peace of mind for business owners.  The next time your office or restaurant becomes cluttered or the documents begin to stack too high, call Ashley Storage.  We can help you meet your business and commercial storage needs.