Packing Your Storage Unit

Published on 8/19/2017

Now that you have found the perfect storage facility you were looking for, you are ready to move all your stuff in, right?  Well, before you do, there are a few things you should know that might make your experience go a little smoother.  First of all, think about what you're storing and for how long.  Will anything need to be packed separately or require special attention, depending on how long it sits in storage?

For example, you might have some wood furniture that you will be storing for a long time.  It might be smart to add some wood preserver oil to that furniture.  Also, depending on the type of storage unit you have rent, climate control or non-climate control, be sure to plan how you will store your electronics if you have any.

As you start packing up your items, remember that the items will most likely shift during the move to the storage facility, and then again when you take them out of the storage facility.  Be sure to tape those boxes securely so they won't break apart.  Also, as you're packing your items, use plenty of bubble wrap, packing paper, and blankets.

When you get to your storage facility, take a moment to look at the space you're working with and the items you need to store.  It's almost like a game of Tetris.  As you start moving your items into your storage unit, place the heavier and bulkier items towards the bottom and the rear of the unit.  While packing your unit, try your best to fit things as close as you can to one another in order to maximize use of your space.  Keep in mind as you move your items in, it's often smart to leave a pathway along the unit in order to grant future access to items in the back of the storage unit.  This will help in case you later need one item in the back of the unit.  Also, if you have your items labeled, make sure to keep those labels facing out toward the door or the isle.

Finally, when you get everything packed in your storage unit, place a strong, secure lock on the door.

Good luck and happy storing!